भारत को सोने की चिड़िया क्यों कहा जाता हैwhy india was called golden bird
/bharat ko sone ki chidiya kyun kaha jata hai
india a golden sparrow
there is a question in every indians mind that if we were the most rich in the world and our country was known as the golden bird /golden sparrow ,then how did we become poor
how india became a developing country /
so many illusions are there in our mind
today through this video , i will solve this
so many attacks had been over india by muslim invandors like mahmood gazni,muhammad gauri,,babur,taimur lang,nadir shah
these muslim invandors took all the wealth of india
after this ,purtgalies ,francises, dutch english /british came in india and in excuse of trade took all gold of india.
so there are alot of questions in our mind as


why india was called golden sparrow?
why india was called golden bird?
bharat ko sone ki chidiya kyun kaha jata tha
india a developing country
how muslim invander ruled over india
british rule in india
mahmood gazni
nadir shah stole kohinoor diamond and peacock throne
india poverty.
bharat ko sabse jyada kisne loota.
treasure of india..

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