top 10 common everyday things you should be doing a different way
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Life is all about learning and tackling new challenges. It’s something we do from the minute we are born. Think back to things you had to learn to do when you were little. These were things that were initially a challenge but now seem incredibly simple. Tying your shoes, using the phone, learning how to use the toilet and even dressing yourself. Not only are they things that we hope you mastered as a child, but as adults these activities can be done without even breaking a sweat. There’s just one big problem. For a lot of these things it turns out we’ve been doing them wrong the whole time.
What on Earth are we talking about? Just watch this video in order to see a range of common things we all do on a daily basis – incorrectly. Some are just time and money wasters but there are a few that could adversely affect your quality of life and health. There’s the incorrect way we all brush our teeth. At the breakfast table we incorrectly handle bananas and prepare our coffee all wrong. Putting on those new shoes today? You likely wore them in the wrong way. Speaking of wrong, there’s also the incorrect way you and many other people take care of their #2 – if you know what we mean? It doesn’t get any better when we try opening up plastic packaging or cover our mouths when we cough. Oh, and that stuff they told you about how to charge your phone or even how to hold onto the steering wheel while you drive is completely wrong. It’s pretty amazing actually. Just don’t think that running off to bed to sleep these mistakes away will help. Yes, you’ve likely been doing that wrong as well. Have no fear, by starting here you are on the road to recovery as we point out 10 things you’ve been doing wrong without realizing it.

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