watch our latest video : bigg boss 3 telugu today is the finale 100th episode, audience waiting for promo to know the final contestants, eliminate ayina mugguru evaru and top 2 contestants evaru will be knowing soon in star maa live streaming soon toninght at 9pm..varun sandeshm baba bhaskar, ali reza, rahul sipligunj are there in top 5 list and 3 will be eliminated first and top 2 contestants remains. as per thesoureces varu, ali, baba were eliminated last night shoot, #biggboss3telugu

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Bigg Boss 3 Telugu Today Promo l eliminate ayina mugguru evaru l winner contestant ?#biggboss3telugu
#biggboss3telugu #bigg boss3telugupromotoday
#biggboss3teluguthisweekelimination #biggboss3todayeviction
#biggboss3telugulatestpromo #rahulsipligunj #srimukhi #varunsandesh #alireza #bababhaskar

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