Address :
Maa Omelette Center, Vrundavan Cross Road, Waghodia Road, Vadodara, Gujarat, India
Contact No : 7778099613

They serve following delicious egg dishes :
Half Fry, Full Fry, Omelette, Tomato Omelette, Lemon Mari Omelette, Malai Omelette, Special Omelette, Boil Tikka, Boil Khimo, Masala Boil Fry, Boil Fry Khima, Half Fry Khima, Surati Half Fry, Rasa Boil, Egg Kari, Egg Bhurji, Crush Bhurji, Dry Bhurji, Rasa Bhurji, Egg Dhokli, Egg Gh0tala,
Andsan, Goti Half Fry, Half Fry Boil Khima, Tukda Special, Omelette Gravy Roll, Special Half Fry, Moghlai, Maa Special Item, Dry and Gravy, Egg Gravy Bhel, Egg Dosa Gravy, Jumbo Gravy Special, Egg Pulav, Boil Pulav, Special Pulav, Moghlai Pulav, Gravy Pulav, Biryani Pulav, Bhurji Pulav, Tikka Pulav

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Address :
Delux Omelette Center, Sharanam Complex, Opp. Bahurani H0tel, Sharanam Cross Road, Waghodia Dabhoi Ring Road, Vadodara, Gujarat, India
Contact No : 09879897029

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They serve following delicious egg dishes :
Onion omelette, masala omelette, tomato omelette, omelette, lemon mari omelette, butter omelette, butter cheese omelette, Half Fry, Full Fry, masala half fry, masala full fry, boil, masala boil, boil sandwich, Keema Gravy Keema, butter Keema, cheese Keema, butter cheese Keema, Half Fry Gravy, boil Tikka, cheese boil Tikka, spicy Tikka, gh0tala, goti gh0tala, gh0tala cheese butter, goti gh0tala cheese butter, Australian fry, Australian fry cheese butter, Paplet, Paplet cheese butter, egg dosa, dosa cheese butter, Delux special, patudi green special, egg Pulao, green Pulao, rice roll

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