People often interchange Machine Learning and Deep Learning. However, Machine Learning and Deep Learning are not the same thing. There are differences between them. The actual scenario is, Deep Learning is a type of Machine Learning.

In this lesson, the relation between machine learning and deep learning has been explained and a clear definition of machine learning has been provided.

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The first step of learning Deep Learning is to understand the concept of Machine Learning. From this lesson learner will have 100% concrete idea about Machine Learning. There will be no more confusion about ‘What is machine learning?’ any longer after completing this lesson.

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This is also the first step of learning Deep Learning. In this entire course, learners will not only learn the theoretical concepts of Machine Learning, but will learn Practical Implementation of Deep Learning.

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After completing this course learners will be able to train their own Neural Networks to detect objects, recognize faces, developing OCR, OMR, detecting and recognizing nameplates and lot more in MATLAB.


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