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Thousands of Hindu religious people come to visit the sacred Kailash Parvat and Mansarovar Lake, situated in the China’s Autonomous Region of Tibet, every year from around the globe and neighboring country India via Nepal.
Tibet is the world’s highest plateau which is surrounded by Himalaya range in the south, Karakoram Range in the west and Kunlun Mountain in the north. Tibet is taken as a unique land because of its climate, height and land-structure. It has so many high mountains and it is also the source place of many rivers like Brahmaputra, Indus, Ganga, Mekang, Yanje, Whang-ho and so on. Kailash Mountain is the pure religious place for Hindu people. Thousands of Hindu pilgrimage from India and other part of the world visit Kailash Mountain and Mansarovar Lake every year. Most of the pilgrims travel to China’s autonomous region Tibet via Nepal’s route because it the shortest and easiest.

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