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Kannada Movies Full | Amma Nagamma kannada Devotional Movies Full | Kannada Movies | Charanraj, Dhamini


Charanraj, Dhamini, Ragasudha, Kumar Govind, Shobhraj, Gurudatth Musuri, Jayasimha Musuri, Archana, Krithika, Abhijith, Kunigal Nagabhushan, Srishailan


Director C H Balaji Singh Babu
Associate Director Shivaji M Ghorpade
Assistant Director H R Lakshman Babu, R Shivaraj (Gokul)


Banner Musuri Enterprises
Presenter Sushilamma Musuri Krishnamurthy
Producer Gurudatth Musuri, Jayasimha Musuri
Production Manager D M Nagaraju


Story C H Balaji Singh Babu
Screenplay C H Balaji Singh Babu
Dialogue M S Ramesh
Lyrics Hamsalekha

Other Crews:

Music Gopikrishna
Cinematography Manohar
Editor K Narasaiah
Choreography Sathish, Ambi Mahendra
Art Raju
Makeup V S S Malli
Publicity Designs Achu Ads
Stills Jayadev

Sound Recording:

Shankar, Aravamudan

Censor Details:

Dated 18-09-2001
Length 3932 Mts
Color Color (Cinemascope)

Audio & Video:

Audio On Lahari Music
Video On Sri Ganesh Video
Runtime 126 min

Songs & Lyrics:

Song Singer Lyrics
Lalitha Parameshwari Chorus Hamsalekha
Yaamini Jaamadali
Hemanth, Chithra Hamsalekha
Laabi Laabi Gulabi
Hemanth, Latha Hamsalekha Hamsalekha
Eno Manthravadi
Manjula Gururaj Hamsalekha
Srichakra Nivasi
Chithra Hamsalekha
Durga Parameshwari Chorus Hamsalekha

Amma Nagamma movie is based on the story of Nagadevathe. In which Damini and Prema are in lead roles. Dr. Amar lives wealthy lifestyle along with his wife Savitri and a school-going daughter. He does research work and is currently involved in studying snakes. One day he ventures deep into a forest and that night witnesses the mating ritual of two shape-changing snakes. He returns back and shares this incident with his assistant Buddhu and friends Kumar Guru and Rakesh. All five of them return to the same spot and Kumar ends up killing the male serpent Naag Raj. The female serpent Naag Devi swears to avenge the death of her mate and starts on a virtually unstoppable killing spree. #kannada

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