New Tihar Deusi Bhailo Song 2075/2018 Lahure Dai Official Music Video Only On S3K Entertainment Youtube Channel.
Audio/Video Credits:-
Song:- Lahure Dai – Tihar Deusi Bhailo Song 2075
Vocal:- Roshan Kutal Chhetri & Shanti Sunar
Lyrics:- Satish Adhikari
Music:- Roshan Kutal Chhetri
Arranger:- Hemanta Shishir
Studio:- Shishir Recording
Audio/video:- S3K Entertainment Pvt.Ltd

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Director:- Shiva BK
Cinematographer:- Shambhu Chalise
Editor:- Rabin Bk & Ramesh Rasailee
Model:- Shree Prasad Thapa, Reena Thapa & Rabina Bhandari
Post Production:- Yak Entertainment Pvt.Ltd

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Audio/ Video Available Only On S3K Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

All the Audio and Video rights of this Music Video is owned only by S3K Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.
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