Pakistan is ready for war with india. War between pakistan and india can be happen if there will be no dialogues.

Pakistan would strike back if India launched an attack after last week’s Kashmir suicide bombing, Prime Minister Imran Khan warned.

But Mr Khan said he hoped that better sense would prevail.

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The Pakistani leader said that if New Delhi responded against his country after 40 police were killed in the disputed Kashmir region last week, Pakistan would retaliate. “And after that, where will it head?”

India blames Islamabad for the attack on paramilitary officers in Pulwama, which was claimed by Pakistani militant group Jaish-e-Mohammad. Pakistan has denied any involvement.

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New Delhi has come under intense pressure to act after public outrage at the deadliest attack on Indian troops in a convoy in Kashmir and has threatened a “jaw-breaking response”.

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As Indian security forces continued a crackdown in the disputed territory, New Delhi’s commander in the region told mothers they should have their sons surrender or watch them die.


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