track material is easy to work with and cheap. it is called shelf bracket tracks or shelf uprights. I have seen various hardware stores and building supply stores carry it, one company that makes it is Rubbermaid. E5 shelf upright. available at Home Depot, Last time I checked, Lowes does not carry it

Introduction song. is an Apple jingle found in the iMovie media files, the title is called “catwalk, medium”

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For more information and explanations on any of the tracks demonstrated in this video, see the following posting.

High road low road race part 2

High road low road track race part one

Random answer devices

Identical track race

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Galileo’s Inertia track

Activation Energy Analogy

String less pendulum

One last note, I’ve had some comments on me mispronouncing height as heighth. My possible responses:

1. sometimes I get nervous in front of the camera and have moments where my brain shuts down.

2. We grew up pronouncing it that way.

3. We all make mistakes…..but is it really a mistake ?

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4.. Merriam Webster dictionary to my rescue- Heighth- expressed as a dialectal variant of the word height. Part that rises or extends upwards, the highest part


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