Highlights of some ranked games in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Velvet Shell including the Mira black mirror bait. All you have to do is to play dumb and get on your drone in front of a mirror. Make sure you DON’T look at the mirror when you get in the room or else its too obvious that you are baiting. When you hear the mirror opening, get ready for a fight. I found out about that trick in the comment section of one of my videos and I was very surprised at just how much it works! I think people will adapt soon but as of right now, it almost works every single time. Enjoy using it and share the video with your friends to make sure they don’t get baited like the people in the video ;D Thank you SO much for the support guys. Its been crazy the last couple of days and its all because of you. Love you all! (ALL RANKED)

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