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Song- Top 13 Pahatechi Bhakti Geete | पहाटेची भक्ती गीते |

01 UTHI UTHI GOPALA – 00:00 to 06:14
02 OMKAR SVAROOPA 06:14 to 13:14
03 MAJHE MAHER PANDHARI 13:14 to 17:50
04 PAULE CHALATI 17:50 to 21:57
05 TUJHE ROOP CHITI RAHO 21:57 to 24:57
06 DEV MAJHA VITHU SAVALA 24:57 to 27:32
08 DUTTACHI PALAKHI 31:12 to 36:34
09 KESHAVA MADHAVA 36.34 to 39.59
10 DEHACHI TIJORI 39:59 to 42:57
11 ANJANI CHA SUTA 42:57 to 49:25
12 DUTT DARSHNALA 49:25 to 55:09
13 YE BHOLYA SHANKARA 55:09 to 59:39

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