How to make Turkish pita and lahmacun Necessary materials
Peeled onions tomato Pepper and tomato crust Required spices
salt Scaly pepper Black pepper and cumin You can use parsley or parsley stalks Half-fat cattle or mutton First thin the onions with a mixer Add fine onion to the strainer and let the bitter water leach
Add the tomatoes to the mix and add to a container
Do not use onion water Pass meats through the meat grinder
Slice the parsley thoroughly or thin it in the machine
Combine materials in a large container Tomato and onion oil and tomato paste Add the item Add salt and spices
Thoroughly mix all materials I need to prepare a dough in a container Add some sugar and yeast in a glass of warm water and mix thoroughly Add a glass of milk
Add enough flour and add salt and knead the dough thoroughly
The dough needs to wait a bit The doughs are made into round balls and kept ready
The doughs are stored and kept in the freezer and removed for use when necessary
The dough is shaped by hand, the dough is opened in round or oval shape
Small chopped meat and vegetable pieces can be used
Meatless fried pizzas are made for meatless ones
Minced and thinner vegetables can be used
The mixture is added to the dough and manually expanded
Cooked in wood oven with the help of wooden shovel
The dough under the material must be as thin as possible
Demands are needed for pate and lahmacuns to be crunchy
Masters who opened and cooked hams are doing this job for years
No rollers or rollers are used to open dough
Gloves need to use handbag for sticking
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The lahmacuns cook in about four minutes
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The cooked pellets are served in equal portions
This is how the plain cheese-puffed pizza made without meat for those who do not eat meat
Salad is served with plain or side salad with cola fruit
After the pitten dessert is künefe here the most preferred
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